Let's be Sustainable Shoppers in 2019, K?

If we’ve learned anything in 2018, it’s that choosing paper over plastic isn’t going to cut it anymore. Climate change is real, and she is angry.

The fashion industry is a massive contributor to global warming, from toxic pollution released through manufacturing to the simple waste factor of fast fashion. Fast fashion giants like Forever 21, H&M, and Zara may be cheap, but with lower cost comes lower quality and higher environmental damage.

Becoming a conscious consumer is one of the simplest ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Sustainable fashion carries a stigma of being pricey, but wouldn’t you rather spend a little more on something that 1) is NOT accelerating the decay of our planet 2) will last years longer than those Urban Outfitters impulse-buys that fall apart in two seasons?

If you’re in the market for some eco-friendly investment pieces, look no further:

  1. Everlane

    The Cashmere Waffle Square Turtleneck ($155)

  2. Reformation

    Crimini Dress ($128)

  3. Depop

    Striped Sweater ($25)

  4. Capulet

    Noa Button Down shirt ($88)

  5. Outdoor Voices

    FreeForm 7/8 Hi-Rise Leggings ($75)

  6. Whimsy & Row

    Lola Wrap Dress ($168)

  7. Ninety Percent

    Tri-Colour Long-sleeve ($51)

  8. Madewell

Madewell x Girls Inc. Female Symbol Keaton Pullover Sweater ($88)

  1. Etsy

    Vintage Ralph Lauren Trousers ($85)

  2. Peopletree

    Adrienne Dress ($104)

The Official Gift Guide for Everyone in Your Friend Group

Life after high school is better than life during high school for literally thousands of reasons. All the reasons. Arguably best of all, the years after high school are spent building a fun, interesting, and genuine group of friends that you aren’t just pretending to like because you see them five times a week.

The downside? You are now responsible for buying unique and memorable gifts for said friends, instead of slapping your name on whatever your mom just brought home from Target.

Read on to find the perfect gift for every style in your friend group, without a single gift card in sight.


Supreme Hooded Sweatshirt ($148)


Thrasher Tee ($30)


GOLF WANG Crewneck ($80)


Lacoste Beanie ($45)


Mood Fabrics Felt Bag ($14)


Fashion Nova Set ($25)

With that said, happy Secret Santa season and may the odds be ever in your favor!

5 Things I've Added to My Wardrobe Since Moving to NYC

5 Things I've Added to My Wardrobe Since Moving to NYC

Three months ago, I made the casual decision to move 2,771 miles from my home of Los Angeles to New York City. Being born and raised in California, particularly LA, cloaked me in a veil of sun-soaked privilege that I never fully noticed until I was so far from home. It’s easy to forget that in most places, summer isn’t year-round and a threadbare band t-shirt isn’t enough for the average November day. Read on for five things I’ve found myself needing since moving to a city that actually has seasons:

  1. A Big-Girl Winter Coat

    (Tna The Super Puff)

    I used to consider myself somewhat of a coat connoisseur, I had more pieces of outerwear than California had days in which I could actually wear them. However, it took one 50-degree day for me to realize that my skimpy Topshop moto was simply not going to cut it here.

  2. All. The. Beanies.

    (Carhart Black Label Watch Hat)

    I’m not sure if it’s because of my dreams to reincarnate as a mid-90’s skater boy, or my deep hatred for the baker boy cap that has dominated my Instagram feed for the last two winters, but I somehow now own this beanie in five colors.

  3. Hoodies, but ~Fashion~ Hoodies

    (Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie)

    Previously reserved for lounging at home or midnight fast food runs, hoodies have staked a major claim in my NYC wardrobe. I began swapping my ratty high school merch for some high-caliber alternatives, now I throw them on with anything from faux fur coats to track pants.

  4. A sturdy canvas tote

    (Books Are Magic Tote)

    As I live car-less for the first time in my life, I’m forced to realize how much I relied on my car-not just for transportation, but for storage. When the subway is your only mode of transportation, and home is a 20-minute ride away, you’ve got to pack light and pack smart. The right canvas tote can hold a laptop, phone charger, metro card, and overpriced protein bar without looking too hoarder-y.

  5. Dad sneakers

    (Sketchers D’Lites Biggest Fan Sneaker)

    I was a sneaker person before moving to NYC, but walking upwards of six miles a day has converted me into a dad sneaker person. Obnoxious, chunky, I-will-turn-this-car-around dad sneakers. The chunkier the better. Matching fanny pack not required, but strongly recommended.

4 LA-Based Indie Brands to Follow ASAP

As fashion month becomes a distant memory and the fast-fashion coma becomes all too familiar once more, it’s more important than ever to keep brand awareness high. Read on to get familiar with 4 LA-based indie brands that are making major waves within the industry, with growing client lists and covetable Insta feeds to match.

  1. Courtyard LA

    What started as an Instagram-based vintage shop has rapidly grown into a fashion empire, as Courtyard LA’s dreamy knits and 80’s hues now reach a cult following of over 126,000. The womxn-owned brand carries a highly curated selection of on-trend vintage, ships worldwide, and peppers it’s Instagram feed with hedgehog pictures. Worth a follow if you ask me.

  2. Dimepiece LA

    Downtown-based Dimepiece LA unapologetically caters to the woman who listens to exclusively SZA, knows how to file her own tax return, and definitely attended at least one Kavanaugh protest. The brand’s high-profile following includes Cara Delevingne and Rihanna (to name a few), and their trademark feminist slogans can now be found anywhere from beanies to bath mats.

  3. Valley High

    A Y2k lover’s dream, Valley High boasts megawatt tones and throwback prints with the trademark cool of LA culture. Born in the San Fernando Valley, Valley High transforms a lesser-known neighborhood into an aesthetic wonderland through their iconic logo and dreamy Instagram feed.

  4. Are You Am I

    Are You Am I has received some well-deserved flak since it’s inception for high levels of both price range and exclusivity (their brand statement is unironically “For Girls That Get It”), but has kept it’s stronghold due to an undeniable level of quality. Founded by blogging powerhouse Rumi Neely and adored by A-listers from Kendall Jenner to Ariana Grande, Are You Am I’s clean-cut lines and skimpy silhouettes have become synonymous with fashion’s it-girls.

    That’s all for this roundup! Always support small brands, support womxn-owned brands, support anything that’s not fast fashion!

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